Founder Joseph took his passion for woodworking and launched Benott. A year later, his brother Steve joined him after seeing the great potential of the business.

Benott offered wood floor sanding, finishing and fitting services. The brothers installed, sanded and refinished wood flooring all over London.


After a couple of years in the business, Benott opened a little retail showroom in London, offering a curated selection of products.


The brothers had difficulty finding reliable suppliers and products that suited their needs, so they started experimenting with producing their own floor finishes.


The first Benott floors were made in a stable on a ranch in Uxbridge, and after their products’ success, the brothers spotted a gap in the market and started offering their floors to the retail shops they had originally provided their installation services to.


Benott enjoyed fast growth and over the next couple of years the business moved premises a few times, as demand continued to grow and more space was required. The brothers worked from various sheds, workshops and garages to produce their unique flooring range.


Benott expanded and moved into a small manufacturing facility in order to expand production and keep supplying to meet the growing demand. Seeing the success of the business-to-business side, the brothers decided to close the Benott showroom and transformed the business into a wholesale operation.


Benott moved to larger premises. Steady growth over the years had made various moves essential in order to meet demand. Benott were now trading nationwide with customers all over the UK.


By 2017, Benott had started trading internationally. Demand from overseas, as well as in the UK, was high. The company now dealt with customers from 10 different countries.


Another move is necessary for the company, who will move into a larger production factory. Today, Benott is one of the best known and most respected wood floor producers in the UK and Europe.